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This week's Training Program and brief from the Training Officer can be found below.

03 December 2015Course 17/18Course 19/20Course 21Course 22Course 23
Period 1Parade Practise
(1900 - 1940)ALL
Period 2Parade Practise
(1955 - 2035)ALL
Period 3SKA/Year Book ProjectYear Book/Catch-UpDCB 6 PDA'sExam Catch-Up/Review
(2040 - 2120)CCPL CrickCCPL JonesLAC MarshallCCPL Emmelkamp

Latest News

Parade Practice

A reminder to all cadets that the Ceremonial Parade on 12 December, as well as the Parade Practice Day on 28 November are compulsory activities.

Cadets who are unable to attend either of these must submit separate leave forms no later than 13 November 2015.

Posted by LAC(AAFC) Arden Marshall on Thu 05 Nov 2015, 10:45AM
HMAS Huon Ship Visit

This coming Thursday (29 Oct) during the normal parade night 305SQN will be visiting HMAS Waterhen to tour mine-hunter vessel HMAS Huon. In preparation for this activity all cadets are to ensure that they:

  • Familiarise themselves with the JI, available for download on the i305 Download centre or to the right.

  • Complete a PCF for this activity, available for download on the i305 website or on CadetOne, and bring it on Thursday night.

  • Ensure that their uniform is up to standard, including clean/polished boots and ironed coats.

  • Have a regulation haircut.

  • Bring their Cadet ID cards to access the Navy base.

Failure to complete/address any of the above may mean that Cadets will be unable to participate in the tour.

Please direct any further questions to myself,

Posted by CSGT Dennis Gann on Sun 25 Oct 2015, 09:51PM
Adventure Weekend Prep. Night

This coming weekend 305SQN is conducting an adventure weekend. On Thursday we will be holding a Preparation Night.

On Thursday you must inform us of your tenting arrangements and any specific dietary requirements (such as vegetarian or cannot eat specific meats) along with any allergies. You will also need to bring your backpack and all equipment you will be taking on the weekend for inspection, what you are required to bring is outlined in the JI distributed electronically or available for download on the i305 Website.

If you have any questions please contact LAC Willis: via email or as outlined in the JI.

Posted by CSGT Dennis Gann on Mon 19 Oct 2015, 08:14PM
Gliding Pilot Experience Day - 08 Nov

305SQN has been allocated 20 Gliding spots on the upcoming G-PEX day, being held on the 8th of November.

Cadets will receive an Air Experience Flight with an Instructor at Camden Aerodrome.

All interested cadets should nominate on CadetOne now to secure a spot, search for activity number 32607 or find 24/1516 combined P-EX Camden by 300SQN.

Any questions can be directed to myself,

Posted by CSGT Dennis Gann on Wed 14 Oct 2015, 12:37PM
Updated Bivouac Joining Instruction

The joining instruction for the upcoming 2/15 Bivouac has been updated. The latest joining instruction was emailed to all nominated cadets, and is now up to date on the website as well.

The Joining Instruction can be downloaded by clicking the activity name on the right side of this page.

Any questions can be directed to the Planning Coordinator, LAC(AAFC) Marshall.

Posted by LAC(AAFC) Arden Marshall on Sun 06 Sep 2015, 12:08PM
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