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This week's Training Program and brief from the Training Officer can be found below.

02 Jun 2016Course 17-20Course 21Course 22Course 23Course 24
Period 1ATE 2DCPDCB 3b
(1900 - 1940)CUO Gann/CCPL CutrieCFSGT Singh/CSGT BoyleLAC Marshall/CSGT Emmelkamp
Period 2Project/TaskingsAVP RevisionAVB 4a
(1955 - 2035) CUO GannCFSGT W-L/CCPL Jones
Period 3Duty CrewAVP ExamAVB 4b
(2035 - 2115) CCPL CutrieCFSGT W-L/CCPL Jones

Latest News

Biv Prep 2 - 1/16 Bivouac

Please be reminded that the second Preparation Night for the upcoming 1/16 Bivouac to be held on the 01 - 03 April is on Thursday (31/03/2016).

During the Night cadets will hear a Brief and group in sections to complete equipment checks and a Hutchie Setup lesson.

Cadets are to ensure they bring ALL equipment detailed in Annex B of the Bivouac Joining Instruction (305SQN ­ 75/40/AIR ( ) JI 09/2016).
This was distributed in Hard copy format and is also available for digital download here.

New Recruits of CSE 24 can also find further information regarding Bivouac equipment in Annex C of their Welcome Packs, which were distributed in hard copy with their Backpacks, SQN Shirt, Cap, etc.
Alternatively, this document is available for download here.

Any issues and/or deficiencies need to be raised with your Section Commander.

Posted by CUO Dennis Gann on Tue 29 Mar 2016, 01:38PM
Recruiting update

The cut-off date for new recruits this semester has now passed, and we are pleased to welcome 19 new recruits into Course 24!

305 Squadron will be recruiting again in July, so please watch this space for more information! Additionally, please follow us on facebook, or send us an email using the contact form on the recruiting page.

Posted by LAC(AAFC) Arden Marshall on Tue 01 Mar 2016, 04:34PM
305 Squadron is still recruiting

Last week, we held our first recruit info night for 2016. If you weren't able to make it, but would still like to join with this intake, please contact us before Tuesday, 23 Feb.

305SQN will be recruiting again in July, so please stay tuned for more information!

Posted by LAC(AAFC) Arden Marshall on Wed 17 Feb 2016, 10:16AM
SD Heavyweight Jumper Recall

All Cadets & Staff,

3WG Logistics Flight have recalled all heavyweight Service Dress Jumpers. These jumpers are no longer being produced by Defence and are needed by those Squadrons in very cold climates. Warmer Squadrons are now only permitted to wear lightweight SD jumpers.

Can I please ask that all cadets therefore bring their SD jumper along to parade this Thursday? (Regardless if it is heavyweight or lightweight).

Any cadet who has been issued a heavyweight jumper will return home empty handed (with a lightweight jumper ordered for issue in February), while those who have a lightweight jumper will be able to take their jumper back home.

If you have any questions regarding this request, contact the Squadron Supply Officer, LAC(AAFC) Griffiths.


LAC(AAFC) Willis

On behalf of the Commanding Officer 305SQN AAFC.

Posted by LAC(AAFC) Jared Willis on Wed 09 Dec 2015, 08:29PM
Uniform Standards for Parade

All cadets,

This Thursday is the final parade night of the year, and is therefore the final week before the End of Year Parade and Awards Ball. Uniform this week will be DPUs to allow you the whole week to prepare your uniform to an immaculate standard for Saturday.

Gentlemen: You are all required to ensure your hair meets standards before arriving on Saturday morning. This means hair is off the collar and ears, and is neat all over. Those cadets who are of shaving age are also be expected to shave prior to your arrival (there should be no visible hairs on the face).

Ladies: You are also to ensure that your hair meets standards before arriving on Saturday. Questions about this can be directed to the CWOFF.

ALL CADETS are to ensure that their SD pants have been appropriately laundered during this week (for best results we recommend Dry Cleaning) and their shirt is freshly washed and well ironed (starch on the creases is strongly advised). Boots and shoes must also be maintained to an exceptional standard, ensuring their shine, and cleanliness along the welts.

Arrival for Saturday morning will be in DPUs. You will have the opportunity to change before the parade. Lunch will also be provided prior to getting changed on Saturday morning.

Well done to you all for your efforts this year, particularly during our practices over the past 2 weeks. Please put in 110% effort this week so we can see out the year with a bang.

Posted by LAC(AAFC) Arden Marshall on Sat 05 Dec 2015, 07:52PM
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