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This week@ 305SQN - 31 Mar 2010

The lessons for this week are as follows:

CSE 11 CSE 12 CSE13a CSE 13b
1 ARA Exam SVP 7
SKR Exam
CCPL Griffiths CCPL Rumble
CCPL Sharpe
2 SKA 7 AVP 6
CUO McAlpin CCPL Bradshaw
SNCO's and Airmen
This week is the Last Parade Night for Term 1.

Dining In Night
Nominations closing soon, so get in quick so you don't miss out on an awesome night!

ANZAC Day Services
305's Services held for ANZAC day are COMPULSORY, which means everyone must attend! Please nominate for the Forestville service on 18 Apr 10, and the Avalon Service on 25 Apr 10 (ANZAC Day), on CadetOne ASAP! The SQNWOFF will be speaking to anyone who does not nominate.

3 Wing Ball
3 Wing Ball payments are due to CCPL Marshall This Week. If you want to attend, you need to hand in he $75 and a PCF (With Witness) or you won't be able to attend!

Uniform is to be at a high standard for the conclusion of the Term. Boots are to be polished to a high shine. We don't want to see half of Belanglo on your boots, so make sure they're cleaned and polished! Don't let us end the term on a bad note!

Have a great holiday, and see you all back next term!!

Posted by CPL(AAFC) Arden Marshall on Tue 30 Mar 2010, 08:56AM
This Week at 305 - 24 Mar 10 Bivouac Preparation Night 2

This week is Biv Prep Night 2. The lessons for this week are as follows:

CSE 11 CSE 12 CSE 13a CSE 13b
1 SKA 6 SVP 6 SKR Revision SKR Revision
CUO Tannock CCPL Rumble CUO McAlpin CUO McAlpin
It's biv prep night 2 so everyone MUST bring all their gear for bivouac or we will be unable to allow you to attend, as we do not know if you are ready. The Bivouac Equipment List is located here on the briefing note. Any cadet who did not bring a PCF must bring theirs. All cadets must also bring their second PCF which they are to keep in their front left pocket.

This Saturday is the kitting day, and any cadet who is not attending must inform their Section Commander. All cadet's coming will be issued with DPCU uniform for the bivouac. The briefing note is located here.

Any questions can be directed to the Activity Coordinators on the briefing note or preferably, to your SECCO.

Posted by e107 on Thu 18 Mar 2010, 11:09AM
This week @ 305 SQN: 17 Mar 2010 - Bivouac Preparation Night 1

CSE 11 CSE 12 CSE13a CSE 13b
1 ARA Revision SVP 5B FCR Exam FCR Exam
CCPL Griffiths CCPL Rumble
This week is Biv Prep Night 1! This means that you need to bring everything that was on your equipment list. Course 13: You need to bring everything that is on the equipment list, except for uniform items which you will be issued on the Kitting Day. If you weren't given an equipment list, get one, click here to download it. Also, all members are required to bring one fully completed PCF, WITH A WITNESS, next Wednesday for Biv. This is because we require one PCF in HQ, and one on you at all times in the Field. Secco's please ensure that happens.

You can find the briefing note for biv here.

You can find webbing requirements here.

For those Cadets who are attending the AIREX this weekend, make sure you download the briefing note here.

Posted by 305 Webmaster on Thu 11 Mar 2010, 09:22AM
Organisation Chart v1.7

All Cadets,

Please download the new Organisational Chart and familiarise yourself with the document. Note that some sections may have changed, and that we now have a Third Flight. Section Commanders: If your sections have changed make sure you contact them about the changes.

Posted by 305 Webmaster on Mon 08 Mar 2010, 10:36PM
Signup Page Activated

All 305 Squadron Recruits, existing cadets and staff can now register/signup on this webpage to the right. When logged in, you will automatically be logged in to the forums.

Posted by 305admin on Mon 01 Mar 2010, 09:41AM
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