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This week's Training Program and brief from the Training Officer can be found below.

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This week @ 305SQN 03 Mar 10

Lessons for this week are as follows:

CSE 11 CSE 12 CSE13a CSE 13b
1 ARA 4a SVP 4b SKR 7 SKR 7
CCPL Griffitiths CCPL Rumble CUO McAlpin CUO Tannock
2 SKA 3b AVP 4 DCR 5b
CUO Tannock CCPL Bradshaw SNCO's and Airmen

Reminder: Medical forms must be handed in ASAP. Cadets will not be able to attend the upcoming AIREX without one.

Posted by 305admin on Fri 26 Feb 2010, 11:13PM

All members of 305 Squadron,

A reminder that log ins to the website have NOT been distributed. That means that you will be unable to log in.

10 failed log in attempts = Automatic IP Ban.

Please do not attempt to log in to the website until you have been issued with your login credentials.

Webmaster 305

Posted by 305 Webmaster on Sat 20 Feb 2010, 08:14PM
This week @ 305 SQN: 24th Feb 10 - Recruit Cut-off

Recruit Sign-on CUTOFF

All recruitment forms are due in by this week. Medical forms can wait if necessary, however all other forms must be in by next Wednesday.

Lessons for this week are as follows:
CSE 11 CSE 12 CSE13a CSE 13b
1 SKA 3a AVP 3 FCR 1 FCR 1
CUO McAlpin CCPL Bradshaw CCPL Tessoriero CCPL Sharpe
2 ARA 3b SVP 3 SKR 2 SKR 2
CCPL Griffiths CSGT Tie CUO Tannock CUO McAlpin
A reminder that nominations have closed for shooting and gliding this weekend. Briefing notes for both, and PCFs can be found under the downloads section. GFA forms are under "Gliding Resources" in the downloads section.

Everyone attending gliding must have a PCF and a GFA form. See briefing note for what to bring.

Posted by 305 Webmaster on Thu 18 Feb 2010, 09:38AM
This Week @ 305 SQN 17 Feb 10

Lessons for this week are as follows:

PeriodCourse 11 Course 12 Course 13a Course 13b
1 SKA 2b AVP 2 TTR 1 TTR 1
CUO McAlpin CCPL BradshawCCPL RumbleCCPL Sharpe
2 ARA 3a SVP 2 SKR 1 SKR 1
CCPL GriffithsCCPL Rumble CUO TannockCUO McAlpin
A reminder that there are two activities running for LCDTs and above this weekend - A GLIDEX on Saturday and a Shoot on Sunday. If you wish to attend you must nominate on CadetOne by Wednesday 17 Feb 10.

Posted by 305admin on Mon 15 Feb 2010, 03:42AM
Recruiting 2010


You can still join 305 Squadron...

To ensure you do not miss out on the 2010 intake, future cadets need to enrol by the cut off date.


24 FEB 2010

Please read the infomation the left hand bar of this front page which has plenty of infomation on activities and recruiting at 305 Squadron.

Come in THIS Wednesday (17 Feb 2010) at 6.30 PM at The Pittwater House Schools and collect all your enrolment forms

If you require more infomation then email the Commanding Officer, Pilot Officer(AAFC) Laurinda Atkinson at co.305sqn@aafc.org.au

Posted by 305admin on Sat 13 Feb 2010, 08:36AM
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