This Week @ 305 SQN 18 Aug 10
Hi everyone,

Here are the lessons for this week:

CSE 12 CSE 13a CSE 13b
ARP 8 SKB 2b SKB 2b
CSGT Sharpe CUO Williams - CCPL McBride CCPL Tesoriero
HCE 4 ARB 2b ARB 2b
CCPL Marshall CCPL Miller CSGT Skilton
Also there are numerous activites upcoming, so make sure you are checking Cadetone and putting your name down for things, before the spots are filled up, such as

Uber Biv is coming up and nominations must be in within 3 weeks, it is twice as big as all the other bivs we do each year, and is arguably one of the best, if not the best, activity run every year.

There is now a social night ready to go, so nominate and get those bowling shoes ready, numbers need to be in as soon as possible for the night to happen.
e107 on Fri 13 Aug 2010, 09:01PM

Training Program Update
The Term 3 Training Program has just been updated. You can find it here. Some instructors and subjects have been switched, so make sure you check your respective courses.

Arden Marshall on Fri 06 Aug 2010, 11:29PM

Training Program
The Term 3 Training Program has now been uploaded to the site.

There will now be 3 periods per night, however the first period will be dedicated to Drill, and is to be organised by the SQNWOFF team and Airmen as to the progression of the lessons. Some instructors have been changed and you will be required to teach the lessons. Any changed have been made prior to your lesson plan deadline, so all instructors have no excuse not to get me there lesson prior to a Wednesday night.

All lessons need to go to the CI on time. Even if you miss the deadline it is important to send the lesson as soon as possible. For this week lessons will still need to be sent to the TRGO, as the CI is unavailible however after this week, lesson will need to be sent to the CI on time, or (failing that) as soon as possible.
e107 on Tue 03 Aug 2010, 08:44PM

3/10 Flying Courses
Hi all (Excusing rank),

The brochure for the 3/10 flying courses (Sep-Oct 2010) for powered and flying can be found here. That brochure contains all information necessary to apply for those courses.

For people that haven't been on a flying course yet, I strongly suggest that you look into it, as it is an excellent way to start your ambition of becoming a Pilot. I recently attended the EFTC in July at DE Camden and I learned an incredible amount in that one short week. Courses are available for Gliding and Powered, and there are scholarships popping up every now and then to help pay for these courses, so I strongly suggest you apply for them.

If you have any questions about powered flying, feel free to send me an email, and if you have any questions about gliding, CCPL Bradshaw, CCPL Faithfull and LCDT Millen are the people to go to there (As they have both achieved their Solos).

But I strongly encourage anyone who is interested to apply for these courses, as Cadets makes it much cheaper than a civilian organisation, and you get to meet some great people too!
Arden Marshall on Tue 03 Aug 2010, 04:50PM

Organisation Chart Update
Hi all (excusing rank),

The latest version of the Squadron Organisation Chart can be found in the downloads section, or by clicking the link to the left of your page, under the 'Information' menu.


Arden Marshall on Thu 29 Jul 2010, 08:19PM

This Week @ 305 SQN - 23 Jun 10
This week is Biv Prep 2.

So everyone remember that you need to bring 100% of your equipment, including things you were missing last week otherwise we cannot be fully confident that you are ready to go out in the field and you will not be able to attend, so make sure oyu bring all the items on the list.

The lessons for this week are as follows:

CSE 11 CSE 12 CSE13a CSE 13b
1 APE Exam APE Exam FCB 7 FCB 7
CCPL Bradshaw CCPL Bradshaw CCPL Sharpe - CCPL Miller CCPL Skilton
2 Biv Prep Biv Prep Biv Prep Biv Prep
CUO Tannock CUO Tannock CUO Tannock CUO Tannock
Remember if you have any questions about upcoming activities or winter biv, give your SECCO a call
e107 on Fri 18 Jun 2010, 10:50PM


I have now made the Downloads Section, Uniform Information and Upcoming Activities sections MEMBERS ONLY. This means that IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED FOR THIS WEBSITE, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VIEW THESE PIECES OF INFORMATION.

There is now only 2 weeks remaining for ALL CADETS to register for this website, before Registration right will be disabled.

Get going!!
Arden Marshall on Tue 15 Jun 2010, 07:16PM

This Week @ 305 SQN 16 Jun 10
Hey everyone,

This week is Biv Prep 1.

This means that you all need to bring all your gear for biv, however as it is also the practice for the Avalon Tattoo, you will need to wear Long Sleeve SD's and tie.

The first part of the night will be Biv Prep with your SECCO's and then the rest of the night will be practice for the Avalon Tattoo.

Remember the tattoo is a compulsory activity and you must attend unless you have leave. Even though it is compulsory you also need to nominate on Cadetone as soon as possible.

Biv nominations have now closed so check to see if you have been accepted and if you are coming.

A list of equipment to bring for next week can be found with the Biv Briefing Note under the downloads section or under the Upcoming activities menu.
e107 on Fri 11 Jun 2010, 04:46PM

The Briefing Note/Equipment List/ Letter to Parents and Guardians can be downloaded here

Please ensure that ALL parents and guardians (regardless of rank) read the letter, as it is very important!
Arden Marshall on Thu 03 Jun 2010, 10:26PM

This Week @ 305 SQN 9 Jun 10
The lessons for this week are:

CSE 11 CSE 12 CSE13a CSE 13b
1 SVA 6b ARP 4b FCB 6b FCB 6b
CCPL Rumble CCPL Tesoriero CCPL Sharpe - CCPL Miller CCPL Skilton
2 APE 4 APE 4 AVB Revision AVB 4, 6, 7
CUO Tannock CUO Tannock CCPL Griffiths - CCPL Marshall CPL Atkinson
Remember that for upcoming activities if you would like to attend you must nominate on Cadetone and check the briefing note prior to the activity.

Winter Biv 2/10 is coming up and nominations are closing on the 9 Jun 10. This bivouac is the 2nd of our 3 bivouacs and CSE 13 will be mixed with the LCDT's in combined flight doing the same activities so the activities will be much more advanced and challenging. We are aiming at having as many cadets on the bivouac as possible so that you are get to advantage from the experience. It is a cold bivouac so be sure to listen to the instructions from the SLT for the change in preparation.

The avalon tattoo is coming up and it is where we are gaining Freedom of Entry to the City of Pittwater. This is a great honour and it will be the only time we perform a tattoo to celebrate the gaining of this privilege so be sure to be a part of it. It is also a compulsory event, the same as the Anzac Day parades.
e107 on Thu 03 Jun 2010, 09:49PM

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