Activities @ 305
Through membership with 305 Squadron there are a wide range of activities and training opportunities available to cadets at the unit. Some activities are run in-house, others are regional collaborations comprising of cadets from all around New South Wales.

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Home Training
Each Thursday night of the term the unit conducts Home Training. This training is divided up into a number of stages through which cadets progress as their level of competency and knowledge increases (Recruit Stage through to Advanced, and beyond).

Each Stage is made up of mandatory core subjects and some electives. These include topics such as Service Knowledge, Drill and Ceremonial, Fieldcraft and Survival, Aviation, Radio Communications, and others.

The knowledge built through Home Training forms the foundation for participation and understanding in all the other forms of training and activities available. The various levels of Home Training prepare cadets with the skills necessary to engage in the other service opportunities that the AAFC offers.

The vast majority of Home Training is planned, implemented and taught by the more senior cadet members of the unit.

Bivouacs are the 'bush camps' that occur three times a year. These camps vary in content and duration - the first of the year is a weekend affair that covers the basics, such as navigation, fieldcraft and basic camp routine; through to the 'Uber-Biv', a four day camp that includes basic survival skills and the time needed for much more 'in-depth' activities.

Rifle Shooting
Cadets have the opportunity to participate in rifle shooting at a shooting range to develop their markmanship skills.

Before cadets are permitted to attend Range Days they must first pass the Firearms Training Elective (FTE), that teaches them the safe and proper techniques for handling and operating firearms. Once cadets are certified as competent they may attend the organised shoots whenever they come available.

Gliding and Powered Flights
Glider and Powered Aircraft pilot training is available through the AAFC. 305 Squadron allocates part of the yearly subscriptions to allow all cadets the opportunity to gain experience at the controls of these aircraft (under the supervision of a qualified instructor, naturally!).

Those cadets that catch the 'flying-bug' can go onto further their training on regional camps with cadets from all around the state. Whilst cadets must participate on these camps at their own cost, the expense is Government subsidised and a fraction of the normal cost.

Cadets can even get their pilot's licences before they learn to drive!

A regional AAFC unit, 320 Flight, has a number of qualified abseiling instructors on staff who run abseiling courses. Through these camps cadets get the chance to challenge their fears and experience the exhilaration that comes with descending down a cliff-face on a rope.

General Service Training Camps (GSTs)
GSTs are camps held at Defence bases around the State. Cadets come from all walks of life to experience what it's really like to be in the Australian Defence Force. There are plenty of trips to see operational units at work and ask questions of the people that work there. If you have a burning desire to pilot fast jets, control airspace from the tower, work as a mechanic or drive a submarine these camps are an excellent way to get some insight into what it's really like and how to get there.

Promotion Courses
All cadets in the AAFC hold rank - and rank determines what roles cadets are employed in. Promotion Courses arm candidates with the technical skills and training to take on the added responsibilities that come with advancement in rank.

On-course candidates are trained in leadership, instructional technique, service knowledge and administrative procedures.

Promotion Courses are held twice a year. They only take place in a single location for all the units in NSW - so numbers are tight and spots are competetive!

Parades and Marches
Military tradition is an important part of service with 305 Squadron - all cadets are taught Drill. At the end of each year, 305 Squadron puts on a spectacular Ceremonial Parade to which all friends and family are invited to attend.

The cadets of 305 Squadron also provide service to the community by mounting Catafalque Guards and marches for RSLs to assist in commemorating ANZAC day and Remembrance Day.

Social Activities
Dotted throughout the year's calendar are a load of social events. These range from activites selected and organised by cadets, to the unit's Annual End-of-Year Ball.

And many more!

After all, joining Cadets is all about making new friends and enjoying yourself!

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