Our Next Recruiting Intake
305 Squadron runs a recruit intake every 6 months, in February and June/ July.

The next recruit information and enrolment day will be held on

Saturday, 09 Feb 2019

The day will be held at The Dee Why Multi User Depot (MUD), 40 South Creek Road Dee Why, NSW 2099. View Map Here.

Parental attendance is encouraged and recommended.

Take a quick look at What we do

What to Expect

The day will begin with some presentations from our current Cadets, who will be talking about what we do in the AAFC.

The prospective recruits will then be taken for a tour around the base to see the Squadron's facilities, where we will also have some activities set up. At this time, ouradult staff will then run a short presentation and Q&A session for the Parents and Guardians about what they can expect.

How to Find Us.
(Parking on base is permitted, so there's no need to park on the street)

Please use the Online Recruiting Enquiry Form if you have any questions in the lead up to the information night.

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