Unit Standing Instructions
Unit Standing Instructions (USI) serve to provide a central location for all unit procedures. 305 Squadrons USI can be found listed by category below.

Any questions relating to a specific SI can be directed to the sponsor listed on the final content page of each (preceding any annexes).

This area is still under development. More SIs will be made available soon.

SI Number Title Currrent Version Status
Part 1 - Squadron Management
305SQN SI(ADMIN) 1-1 AL-00 Not available
Part 2 - Transport Management
305SQN SI(ADMIN) 2-1 Drop Off and Pick Up Procedure AL-00 Published
Part 1 - Financial Management
305SQN SI(FIN) 1-1 Financial Record Keeping AL-00 Not available
Part 2 - Managing Contributions
305SQN SI(FIN) 2-1 Receipt of Funds AL-00 Published
305SQN SI(FIN) 2-2 Cadet Contributions AL-00 Published
Part 3 - Managing Expenses
305SQN SI(FIN) 3-1 Invoices and Espense Claims AL-00 Not available
Part 4 - Canteen
305SQN SI(FIN) 4-1 AL-00 Not available
Part 1 - Cadet Management
305SQN SI(PERS) 1-1 Recruiting and Enrolement AL-00 Not available
305SQN SI(PERS) 1-2 Promotion Policy AL-00 Published
305SQN SI(PERS) 1-3 Attendance Requirements AL-00 Drafting
Work Health and Safety
Part 1 - Safety Management
305SQN SI(WHS) 1-1 Sun Safety Procedure AL-00 Published
Part 1 - Facilities Management
305SQN SI(FAC) 1-1 Dee Why MUD Facilities AL-00 Not available
305SQN SI(FAC) 1-2 Security Arrangements AL-00 Not available

Published Published
Drafting Drafting
Not available Not available

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