Squadron Badge

305 Squadron Badge

The 305 Squadron unit badge features a stylised Phoenix as the central element. The Phoenix is a mythological bird similar to an eagle which possessed a splendid golden-red plumage that made it look like it was wrapped up in flames.

According to the legends, only one Phoenix lived at a time for 500 years. At the end of its life cycle, the Phoenix built a nest as it was dying and set the nest on fire and was consumed by the flames. After its death, a new Phoenix would then arise from the ashes and be reborn.

The adoption of the Phoenix by 305 Squadron is representative of the Squadron’s resurgence as a unit from the “ashes” of its antecedent unit (No 5 Flight Air Training Corps). The Phoenix is shown flying over a stylised ocean representing 305 Squadron’s association with the Northern Beaches region of Sydney. The waves are in royal blue and red which are the colours of The Pittwater House Schools (TPHS) thus recording the Squadron’s close association with the Schools.

The Squadron’s latin motto Quinta Fuerit Prima translates as “The Fifth Shall Certainly be First” and captures both the history of 305 Squadron (as No 5 Flight) and the aspirations of its members – to be first among equals.

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