New to the Shop305 line of merchandise are the Squadron Cufflinks. Flaunt your association with Australia's finest ADFC unit with a set of these luxury links.

The cufflink features the Phoenix cast, engraved and enamelled in polished gold finish. Each cufflink measures 16mm across and makes a sophisticated addition to any discerning ensemble.

The Squadron Cufflinks are suitable for wear with long-sleeve SDs, Mess Dress and make an excellent addition to any formal civilian attire.

Sets are a mere snip at only $15! Numbers are limited (so get in fast), reorders will only be available with sufficient interest.

The offical unit name badge is standard issue to all new recruits. It is worn by all members of the unit on SD uniforms.

Each name badge consists of a resin coated gold name plate featuring a cast and enamelled unit crest with the Squadron motto Quinta Fuerit Prima in miniature.

Replacement or additional namebadges can be ordered for $17 each.

Flaunt your association with the unit with this exclusive item of apparel that is only available to those that have served under the Phoenix.

Think of the endless possibilities! Excellent for:

• Job interviews (especially for those with aspirations in the ADF)
• Juvenile Court appearances
• and much, much more…

These ties are custom made in a fine woven jacquard and a tapered bottle-neck design that exudes sartorial elegance.

This neck-wear masterpiece is now available to you for the cool price of only $40.

A sample is on display for your perusal each Wednesday night at the canteen during break.


Make your friends ‘mustard’ green with envy with the brilliantly fashionable design of this elite squadron undershirt, available to all those who are members of the Flaming Chicken!

Perfect for all occasions involving squadron bivouacs, shooting range days, community physical activities or just getting down and dirty. In any case, all traces of filth come right out in the wash, not even evidence examiners could detect any.

This shirt is the ONLY approved undershirt for the DPCU uniform.

These shirts are finely made by woven mustard colored cotton and fashions a high collar-line design which hugs your neck in immaculate comfort. On the front is the traditional squadron phoenix symbol at the left breast pocket position and the reverse bares a massive Flaming Chicken that has your back at all times, radiating scrupulous classiness.

This stunning and stylish undershirt is now available for purchase at the rock bottom price of $15.

A range of sizes including small, medium and large are flying off the shelves each Wednesday night at the canteen during break, so get in quick to buy one now!

The offical unit patch is worn by all 305 members on the right sleeve of their flying dress.

Each patch comprises of the Unit's emblem of the phoenix rising above three rows of waves in the colours of the ANF.

The camouflage variant of the offical unit patch is worn by all 305 members on the right sleeve of their DPCUs.

Each patch comprises of the Unit's emblem of the phoenix rising in the subdued colours of black and jungle green.

Two DPCU unit patches are issued to new recruits as part of their joining package. Replacement or additional patches are available from the Logistics Store for $7.50 each.

Squadron Stickers
The unoffical unit badge sticker (Flamin' Chook) is one of two 305 Squadron stickers available.

Features include vinyl backing and UV-stable inks meaning that these stickers are ideal for sticking pretty much anywhere. Surfboard, car, school folder, drink bottle, scorching on promos/GSTs, etc, etc.

They are on sale now at canteen for 50c each. Stock up now for your next Wing activity!

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