305 Squadron Senior Leadership Team

Welcome to the 305 Squadron Senior Leadership Team (SLT) page. This page contains a list of the current members of the Squadron SLT.


Laurinda Soemijadi
Flight Lieutenant (AAFC)
Executive Officer
Unit Safety Coordinator
Squadron Supply Officer

Adrian Gibney
Flying Officer (AAFC)
Commanding Officer
Finance Officer


Arden Marshall
Corporal (AAFC)
Squadron Executive Instructor

Jared Willis
Corporal (AAFC)
Transport Officer

Jared Darcey
Able Seaman
Bivouac Manager

Civilian Instructors

Dennis Gann
Training Manager
DEA Coordinator

Joshua Grainger

Cadet Executives

Jemma Hodgson
Cadet Under Officer
Training Officer
Cadet Executive Officer

Courtney Campbell
Cadet Warrant Officer
Cadet Squadron Warrant Officer

Joshua Emmelkamp
Cadet Warrant Officer
Chief Instructor

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers

Hedy Hagans
Cadet Flight Sergeant
Training Officer - Operations

Aiden Jones
Cadet Flight Sergeant
Fieldcraft Coordinator

Will McMurdo
Cadet Flight Sergeant
Assistant Training Officer
Service Knowledge Coordinator

Matthew Cole
Cadet Sergeant
Logistics Officer
Aircraft Recognition Coordinator
B Flight Commander

Luke Kario
Cadet Sergeant
Administration Officer
A Flight Commander

Junior Non-Commissioned Officers

Jacob Donne
Cadet Corporal
Mess President
Aviation Coordinator
Section 5 Commander

Callie Hagans
Cadet Corporal
Deputy Mess President
Section 3 Commander

Samuel Rogers
Cadet Corporal
Assistant Administration Officer
Finance NCO
Section 2 Commander

Cian Ryan
Cadet Corporal
Assistant Logistics Officer
Section 4 Commander

Hope Thornton
Cadet Corporal
Personnel NCO
Section 6 Commander

Mitchell Wood
Cadet Corporal
Assistant Logistics Officer
Section 1 Commander

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